The 7 Modes | By Name

Nov 02, 2020

There are 7 modes of the major (diatonic scale).  These modes are variations of the diatonic major scale ("Ionian").

Here are the 7 'diatonic' modes with a brief description of each modes unique quality / sound:

1. Ionian  --->  "the major scale"

2. Dorian  --->  "a minor scale with a raised 6th scale degree"

3. Phrygian  --->  "a minor scale with a lowered 2nd scale degree"

4. Lydian  --->  "a major scale with a raised 4th scale degree"

5. Mixolydian  --->  "a major scale with a lowered 7th scale degree"

6. Aeolian  --->  "the minor scale"

7. Locrian  --->  "a minor scale with a lowered 2nd -AND- 7th scale degree"


More on... what are modes?

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