What Are Modes | Part 1

Dec 01, 2020

This question can be both simple and complex... depending on what points we're trying to understand about modes.

First, we need to know that modes are simply scales.  Every mode is a scale, and every scale is a mode.

For example, we have 7 notes in the key of C major:  C D E F G A and B 

          1-  2-D   3-E   4-  5-G   6-A   7-B   

When we play those notes together, in order, we get the C major scale...

          C D E F G A B C

*** Note: a scale technically starts and ends on the same note, so we will add the 1st note, the C, as the 8th note, another C, to the end of this scale to make in complete *** 

The C major scale (in this instance) is also the 1st of the 7 modes, called Ionian.  So, Ionian is the first "mode" of the major scale; however, it's most often simply called the major scale.



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